Get in Shape for Women Offers Free Workouts During Heart Health Month

In celebration of Heart Health Month, Get in Shape for Women is holding a free two week challenge for women to lose weight and get healthy.


Are you looking to lose some pounds? Well, Get in Shape in For Women in Scotch Plains is running a free program this February for Heart Health Month where you and a friend can get in shape and take care of your heart, all while competing to win a $100 gift card.

Owner Alla Wexler is hoping to get the Scotch Plains community involved in their second annual “Bring a Friend Heart Cardio Challenge,” where the goal is for a pair of friends to burn the most calories. Even though calorie burning is one goal, the other is to maintain good health. Wexler decided to run this program in celebration of Heart Health Month because the heart is the most important muscle in the body.

“Consistent exercise trains the heart muscle to function more efficiently and effectively,” she stated. “Getting involved in a Heart Health Challenge, allows the participants to obtain that much-needed cardio work-outs in a spirit of friendly competition.”

Although you and your friend do not have to visit the studio together each time, at the end of both your workouts your calories burned will be calculated and tracked in comparison of other participants in the challenge. If you can’t find a friend to pair up with but still want to participate the studio can match you up with someone.

The Heart Cardio Challenge is a two-week program beginning on Feb. 11 and running through Feb. 23. Those interested in participating should contact studio manager Lisa Realmuto at (908) 755-5025 by Feb. 11 to set up a free fitness screening and to reserve a spot on the studio schedule.

Wexler said last year’s Heart Health Challenge was a great success and the studio is hoping not only to help women become pro-active about exercising, but also raise awareness that heart disease is a leading killer of women.

She added that the goal of the challenge is for women of all ages and fitness experience to participate in cardio activities that are important for a healthy heart.

“The two-weeks duration of the Challenge is a good length of time to allow someone to really experience the benefits of a consistent work-out regimen,” she added.

Get in Shape for Women is a studio where only women can work out in a small group setting under the constant supervision of a personal trainer to achieve their goals.

Wexler said the fact the studio holds each woman accountable for her own fitness goals helps her achieve the best results.

“This level of personal attention, coupled with safe environment and support from trainers and other members keeps our clients engaged and motivated to reach their fitness goals,” she said.

Get in Shape for Women is located at 445 Park Avenue in Scotch Plains and serves women from their mid 20’s to 70’s.  Wexler stated that the gym’s personal trainers are dedicated to creating a positive experience for women and work to help them achieve their personal fitness goals.


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