What's Playing This Week at the Movies?

The following is a list of films and showtimes for Friday, Jan. 11.

Digiplex Rialto:

Gangster Squad (R)
Sean Penn, Ryan Gosling
113 minutes (5:00)7:3010:10
Digital Presentation
Zero Dark Thirty (R)
Jessica Chastain, Jason Clarke
157 minutes (3:50)6:509:50
Digital Presentation
Promised Land (R)
Matt Damon, John Krasinski
106 minutes (4:00 PM)
Digital Presentation
Parental Guidance (PG)
Billy Crystal, Bette Midler
104 minutes (4:50)7:209:30
Digital Presentation
The Impossible (PG-13)
Naomi Watts, Ewan McGregor
107 minutes (4:45)7:109:40
Digital Presentation
This Is 40 (R)
Leslie Mann, Paul Rudd
133 minutes 7:009:45
Digital Presentation
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey in 3D (PG-13)
Ian McKellen, Martin Freeman
166 minutes (4:10 PM)
Digital Presentation
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (PG-13)
Ian McKellen, Martin Freeman
166 minutes 7:50 PM
Digital Presentation


Django Unchained (R)
Leonardo DiCaprio, Samuel L. Jackson
165 minutes (4:00)8:00
Digital Presentation
Les Miserables (PG-13)
Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe
157 minutes (3:10)6:309:40
Digital Presentation
Hyde Park on Hudson (R)
Bill Murray, Laura Linney
94 minutes (4:45)7:009:30
Digital Presentation
Silver Linings Playbook (R)
Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper
120 minutes (3:30)7:109:45
Digital Presentation
Lincoln (PG-13)
Daniel Day-Lewis, Sally Field
150 minutes (3:50)6:509:50
Digital Presentation


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