Sweet! Cake Boss to Set Up Shop in Westfield

Buddy Valastro will open bakery on East Broad Street later this year

Buddy Valastro, star of TLC's hit show "Cake Boss" and owner of with locations in Hoboken and recently-opened Ridgewood, is preparing to stir things up in Westfield later this year when he begins baking on East Broad Street, according to a Star Ledger report.

Westfield, like Ridgewood, is "a very homestyle town with a great community, it's got that old-feel Main Street," Valastro told the Ledger Friday morning. All three locations are within walking distance of mass transit, another thing the baker-turned-business mogul believes is a recipe for success. 

In addition to the cakes and other confections that have customers lined up for hours on Hoboken's Washington Street, the Westfield shop will also include a "Custom Cake Bar" where patrons can catch a glimpse of their cakes coming to life, according to the Ledger. 

The flagship store in Hoboken has been in business for more than a century. Valastro, a fourth-generation baker, made a vow to keep the family business growing.

"It's a surreal experience," Valastro told Ridgewood Patch in 2012 regarding opening a second location. "I made my dad a promise to make this bakery a household name and I think he would be so proud right now."

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*This story contains additional reporting by James Kleimann.

Katie March 06, 2013 at 10:48 PM
What's wrong with focusing on the past? It brings comfort to many people, I'm sure. Posts like yours, though, are not credible since it appears you have never learned the difference between regular nouns, and proper names, and the proper use of grammar and punctuation that would follow.
Katie March 06, 2013 at 10:52 PM
Good. You're gone. How do you know everyone who posts here live in town? Some may live elsewhere and work here, or just like to shop here. You obviously have failed as a so-called business owner in town which explains your bitterness. Good riddance. Hope you find what your heart desires elsewhere and don't forget your "blue collar".
J. Edward CooperLevi March 07, 2013 at 03:09 PM
any time someone with fame coming to town will only help the other businesses. A lot of people will try it out, some will return, some won't..but with this economy still being dull, I would think someone that has made himself famous and is willing to open in Westfield rather than an even more affluent town , he'd be welcomed. There's no such thing as competition, it's just expansion. While my store (a bakery and cafe) auditioned for one of his new shows, he may not pick us because of a conflict of interest, which I totally repsect...it's HIS show..just like it's the landlords building and if the town hasn't set in the Master plan that there can only be ''x'' amount of salons, yogurt, etc, it's still a free country and capitalistic . I wish him the best, will he take some of my customers from Westfield? Probably. But that's the way it goes.
J. Edward CooperLevi March 07, 2013 at 03:15 PM
I don't think you or anyone elsesknows that for a fact, nor do you know what Westfield needs besides more parking for Trader Joes lolol. The more you open yourself up and welcome people and wish them well, the more wellness will come to your town....the more you start resisting progress, the more negativity you bring to your town. As a bakery owner myself I would never comment negatively about someone else's product..everyone does what they do, and it's up to the individuals taste buds as to whether it's worth it or not...just try to stay away from the fondant covered Rice Krispie treats that are on those kinds of cakes you see on tv--one of those cakes could probably feed a family of 4 for a month lol.
Kat March 09, 2013 at 12:25 AM
I feel bad for them! Bovella's is THE BEST and is going to lose it's business. And we will never find parking again!!!


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