Enchantments in Fanwood Encourages Residents to Shop Locally

The business is joining in the 3/50 Project to help save local businesses.

The following information was provided by Enchantments.

Save local economy 3 business at a time.

Enchantments is joining the 3/50 Project to help save local businesses with 3 easy steps.

Pick your 3 favorite stores in town. Go in and buy something little for yourself or someone else. If every employed person in the USA spent $50 a month in a local business it would generate over a billion dollars in revenues.

In Fanwood for every $100 spent at a small business $68 stays in our community through taxes, payroll and other expenses. Spend the same amount of money at a national chain and only $43 stays in our community. If you buy online no money comes into Fanwood.

Come in during your Holiday shopping and see what we have to offer as a local business. 

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