New Chiropractic Office Opens in Fanwood

Dr. Garett Rosati begins his new chiropractic practice in the Fanwood Medical Building on South Avenue.

Dr. Garrett Rosati has recently opened a chriopratic business in Fanwood, NJ, as he and his wife make the move up north from their former stay in Pennsylvania.

Since graduating New York Chiropractic College in 2009, Rosati had worked for two practices in West Philadelphia. He felt his recent move to New Jersey was the perfect time to start up his own practice, choosing Fanwood's medical building as the prime location.

Rosati Family Chiropractic aims to serve a variety of clients, but Rosati has experience working with numerous clients who suffer from athletic injuries. 

For the past three years Rosati has worked in the Mainline of Pennsylvania gaining a specialization in Soft Tissue Therapy.

Most recently from 2011 to 2012, Rosati was working at a Sport and Spine Wellness Center in Paoli, PA.

Rosati suffered his own spine injury when playing lacrosse his senior of high school. 

He was recruited by many top ranked colleges for lacrosse and chose Hobort and William Smith College in Geneva, NY. Due to a fracture in his lower spine, Rosati had to red shirt his freshman year and eventually was not able to play again. The injury Rosati sustained introduced him to chiropractic work as a means to live a pain free lifestlye. 

While working in Philadelphia, Rosati saw a lot of runners and athletes.

"I was able to resolve conditions that people had for years," he said.

At Rosati's practice, he specializes in Soft Tissue Techniques, Graspon Technique and Active Relief Technique

As stated on RosatiFamilyChiropratic.com:

"Active Release Technique is a soft tissue technique that utilizes movement patterns and pressure to assist in breaking down adhesion's in soft tissue."

"Graston Technique is an instrument assisted soft tissue technique that assists in the removal of scar tissue."

According to Rosati, most chiropracters actively work on a patient for 5 minutes or less. 

Rosati said at his service you are getting the most bang for your buck because with his use of therapies and techniques, he is actively working on the patient for 15 minutes.

He also included that using these techniques to treat patients was a success at his other practices. His goal by using these techniques is to help patients recover faster, which is also why he spends a greater amount of time working on a patient per session than most doctors.

Although Rosati is not specialized in pediatrics he has worked on patients as young as seven, as well as many child athletes who have sports related injuries.

Rosati also believes his services can be beneficial for the elderly, especially those who spend a lot of time sitting and tend to get headaches, he said. He added that the soft tissue techniques can help eliveate the pain they are suffering.

As for the age of an average patient at Rosati Family Chripractic, anyone 10 to 100, Rosaid said.

"If they can get to the office, I can treat them," he added.

Rosati Family Chiropratic is located in the Fanwood Medical Building at 346 South Avenue, Suite 4.

For more information on Dr. Rosati's services, visit his website here.


Jacob Wadsworth November 21, 2012 at 08:14 AM
Chiropractic has continued to amaze people with its benefits. There are already a great number of people who are very satisfied with the effects of undergoing chiropractic before. They seem to have a better quality of life despite the injury they once sustained.
Chiropractor nyc November 28, 2012 at 09:17 AM
Its an great to read your information. The chiropractor also recommends at-home treatments, including therapy to help reduce swelling and promote internal healing.In addition to DUI and vehicular manslaughter.Thanks for sharing your valuable information.


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