The Five Minute Tidbit: Sweet and Salty

Huntley Taverne's Bill Hendra Dishes about his Sweet and Salty Sundae

We caught up with Executive Chef Bill Hendra of Huntley Taverne to get the lowdown on his latest creation, the Sweet & Salty Sundae ($8.95). It's a combination of vanilla bean gelato, candied peanuts, house made potato chips, Oak Grove's local organic popcorn, chocolate & caramel sauces.

Patch: So what was your inspiration for this dessert?

Hendra: We wanted a dessert that featured local popcorn from Oak Grove Mills in Pittstown, NJ.  We've also wanted to make something that contrasted sweet and salty in a dessert for a long time so we decided on a sundae.

Patch: How do you not nibble on all of these ingredients while you're working away in the kitchen?  

Hendra: We have our hands in the peanuts and popcorn all day long.

Patch: Any childhood memories that influenced your decision to come up with this sundae?

Hendra: An ice cream sundae is a childhood treat in itself.  We wanted to have a sundae that could involve everybody so no one would have an excuse to pass up dessert.

Patch: Any famous chefs that inspire you?

Hendra: Thomas Keller of Bouchon

Patch: Where are we going to see you in five years?

Hendra: I've been with The Harvest Group who owns Huntley Taverne since the beginning, 15 years ago, so I think I'll still be here.

Robert F. Galgano October 24, 2011 at 03:11 PM
The dessert was OK, but the main courses were fantastic! Just took a party of 9 here last weekend. Great food, great service. Highly recommended.


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