Santa's Visit to Fanwood Moved to Sunday

Ho, ho, hold it: Santa Claus is coming to town – but not until after the predicted snow.

This release was received from the Borough of Fanwood.

Due to the predicted snow storm coming our way, Santa has decided to postpone his annual journey through Fanwood until Sunday, December 15th. Santa wants his helpers and all Fanwoodians to be safe.

As always, Santa begins his travels at 11:00 AM. Those folks expecting a delivery should listen for the sirens as they get closer and meet Santa at the curb.

The Santa parade is made possible by the Fanwood Fire Department, Rescue Squad and police officers of PBA Local 123.

Again, Santa is staying out of the snow on Saturday, and plans to make his trip through Fanwood Sunday, December 15th. We'll see you then!
qj December 13, 2013 at 05:04 PM
Hey! That's the home of Dan and Judi Lynch of Fanwood. Best holiday party on the front lawn


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