Fire Officials: Boiling Water To Heat Home Can Cause High CO Levels

Inhaling Carbon monoxide fumes can result in death.

Fire officials from Aberdeen Township are warning residents that boiling water or using gas burners on a stove in order to heat your home could be a fatal mistake.

Leaving gas burners on for extensive periods of time can lead to high levels of carbon monoxide, said Aberdeen Fire District No. 1 Chief Gary Bellone.

According to Bellone, the fire department has responded to several carbon monoxide calls since the area lost power Monday. In each case, the resident was either using the stove to heat their home or operating a generator too close to their home.

Gas powered generators should always be at least twenty feet away from the house to avoid these dangerous fumes, Bellone said. Generators should also never be located near a window.

Inhaling Carbon monoxide fumes can result in death. The gas is often referred to as the silent killer.

Denise P November 01, 2012 at 06:04 PM
So is this to say that if you fix a pot of chili and have the burner on all day, you would be at risk? Is there a difference between a pot of water and a pot of chili? Maybe I've breathed too many fumes, but I don't understand....


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