Westfield Mom Charged With Theft of Wallets at Party

Jill Jackson, of Forest Avenue, was arrested on March 19, following alleged theft during child's birthday party in Scotch Plains.

Jill Jackson, 39, of Forest Avenue in Westfield, was arrested by Scotch Plains Police on March 19, and charged with two counts of theft after she allegedly stole two wallets from women whose children were attending a birthday party at in Scotch Plains. 

Capt. Brian Donnelly said the alleged theft occurred on Saturday, March 17. Two victims noticed their wallets were missing following the invitation-only party that Jackson's child was attending.

Jackson, a 1991 graduate, was arrested and charged with one count of third-degree theft and one count of fourth-degree theft. Donnelly explained that the degree of theft depends on the dollar amount of whatever was reported stolen. The third-degree charge is the more serious one because that victim reported a larger amount of cash and gift cards in her wallet. Donnelly said Jackson was sent to Union County Jail when she was unable to post her $22,000 bail. 

Donnelly said most of the stolen items were recovered. 

Michele Patrone, one of the victims, held the party for her eight-year old daughter. She said she went shopping after the party and realized that her wallet was missing when she tried to pay at the register. Patrone said she immediately went back to the studio to look for her wallet. On her way, she received a call from a friend from South Orange who had left the party and realized her wallet was missing as well. Patrone said she knew then that it was "too coincidental." 

Patrone said the employees and owners of Dancers Pointe immediately pulled the surveillance video from the party. The video revealed the alleged theft and Patrone called the Scotch Plains Police Department to file a report.

"They were incredible," she said. "The owners asked me if I needed anything, knowing that I didn't have any cash, an ATM card or a credit card. They asked me if I needed groceries for the weekend. They were wonderful."

Patrone, a single mom who has lived in Westfield for year and a half, said the Westfield community reached out to her as well and offered assistance. She said she is grateful to have the wallet, which belonged to her mother, back in her possession.

Alison McGruber April 06, 2012 at 08:49 PM
I think all of you - above have too much time on your hands.
dracihr reltub April 06, 2012 at 08:57 PM
Not really! I have a very successful career. This only takes a few minutes. Your point?
CBain April 09, 2012 at 08:43 PM
I think the point that Alison may have been trying to make along with several others is is you've all spent an exorbitant amount of time hurling negativities about someone you all claim to know personally and have been hurt by in some way, but doing it in a very public forum. It was a news article. The husband gave an opinion on the side of his wife which is to be expected as would you of any of your spouses even if just out of embarrassment. You all seem to know each other and enjoy spewing the insults and negative comments, rightfully earned out not, but why not get together and do it privately instead of on a very public, supposedly professionally run platform...?
sp resident April 10, 2012 at 10:58 AM
You all need to get a life! I guess that's all people do in the suburbs, hope for some juicy crime to happen so you all could spend your lives indulging in it! . I don't know this woman and her family, and yes what she did was wrong, but come on, she did not kill anyone, so get over it , the world has more problems to deal with. Hope you all had a happy Easter, and used that time to for forgive others .
David Chmiel April 10, 2012 at 07:06 PM
Men and women of Westfield, We support everyone's right to express their views on any subject and want everyone to feel confident that Patch is always here for them to voice their opinions on topics large and small. We'd also like to remind you that freedom of speech is a privilege and reserve the right to suspend a comment thread whenever that privilege is being abused. Frankly, it's shocking to read the attacks and counter-attacks on many threads in Westfield and other towns. I hope that everyone can restore a sense of civility to any discussion thread from now on. Please, learn to make your point without venom. This thread is closed.


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