Lance, Mayors Meet With Army Corps To Discuss Flood Remediation

Rep. Leonard Lance, NJ-07, met with mayors from Union and Essex counties to discuss the Rahway River Basin feasibility study.

On Jan. 9, Congressman Leonard Lance, NJ-07, met with several Seventh District mayors, state officials and representatives of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to discuss the status of the Rahway River Basin feasibility study currently under way by the Corps.  

During the meeting, Millburn Mayor Sandra Haimoff, Springfield Mayor David Amlen, Union Mayor Clifton People, Cranford Mayor Tom Hannen, Garwood Mayor Pat Quattrochi and Union County Freeholder Bruce Bergen received a briefing from the Army Corps of Engineers, state officials and Lance about the status of the study.

The Seventh District lawmaker, who arranged the meeting, also pledged his strong support for the project and updated the group on several actions he has already taken to support the towns flood control needs.

“I was pleased to join with several mayors and the Army Corps of Engineers to discuss flood control needs in the Seventh District,” said Lance. “During the meeting, I impressed upon the Army Corps of Engineers and state officials that the Rahway River Basis feasibility study is important to me, my constituents and urgently needs to be completed to protect residents in Cranford, Springfield, Union, Garwood, Millburn and others in the Rahway River Basin.”

Millburn Mayor Sandra Haimoff praised Lance for organizing the meeting for local officials. 

“I am most appreciative to Congressman Lance for bringing the Army Corps of Engineers and the mayors together to discuss resolutions for controlling the Rahway River,” said Millburn Mayor Haimoff. “I believe progress was made and understanding enhanced.”

Earlier this year, Lance met with top Army Corps of Engineers officials in Washington and New Jersey about flood control needs in the Seventh District and has invited Assistant Secretary of the Army for Civil Works to New Jersey to tour Seventh District towns and get a firsthand view of why the flood control study is critical to the area.   Additionally, Lance has also written the Army Corps of Engineers officials asking that funding for the study be included in its 2014 federal budget. 

Click here to read Lance’s May 31, 2012 letter.

Pittsford Way January 12, 2013 at 03:10 AM
So where was the Mayor of New Providence ? Absent again. What does Hern do ? He's supposed to be our elected representative. Maybe he's too busy playing RockBand then available to represent us. He needs to go.
Westfield Taxpayers January 15, 2013 at 02:19 AM
This is not a federal problem, but rather the poor planning and development by municipalities. Rivers flood, oceans have tides, we have storms. I don't like to see our politicians begging Uncle Sam to spend money on problems they have created! It's no wonder our country is bankrupt!
Kevin February 05, 2013 at 07:41 PM
When asked about this meeting, New Providence Mayor pointed at the picture of Alfred E. Neuman on his wall and said "What Me Worry!"


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