Louis Beckerman to Fill Vacant Scotch Plains Council Seat

Beckerman was chosen to fill the vacant council seat left by new mayor Kevin Glover at the Jan. 8 council meeting. Also, the committees that the council members will serve on were announced.

As Kevin Glover took his position as mayor of Scotch Plains, a seat remained empty on the township council. At the Jan. 8 council meeting it was unanimously voted that Louis Beckerman, recent chairman of the Democratic Committee in Scotch Plains, would fill Glover’s seat.


Township clerk, Bozena Lacina, swore in Beckerman as he placed his hand on a bible held by his wife.


Township attorney Jeffrey Lehrer explained to the public the process in filling a vacant council seat.

According to Lehrer, under New Jersey Vacancy law when there is a position of vacancy on a council, the committee of the party of which the mayor was elected has period of 30 days to submit three candidates names to the council. Within 15 days of receiving the candidates, the governing body then has to make a decision among one of those members to fill the vacancy.

Glover announced that it gave him great pleasure to recommend Beckerman be his replacement on council.

“[I’m] So pleased that you were able to fill this seat and I know you will be an invaluable asset not only to this council but the entire township of Scotch Plains, “Glover said. “We’re thrilled that you’re here”

Following his swearing in, Beckerman made his way up to the council seating where he was congratulated by each council member and Mayor Glover.

Beckerman told the council and public that he was also thrilled to be a part of the council and he thanked the Democratic Party for their support.

“I’m looking forward to serving with this council” he added. “And I think there is a lot of good things that we can do together.”

Following Beckerman’s appointment, Glover and the council passed a few resolutions and then moved onto township council liaison appointments.

The following appointments of council members were briefly run through at the meeting.

Mayor Kevin Glover will serve on the planning board, library board of trustees, Scotch Plains Management Corporation, Scotch Plains-Fanwood shared services sub-committee, shared services coordinating council and Memorial Day and cultural arts.

Councilwoman Colleen Gialanella will be a liaison to the recreation commission and the fire department. She will also serve on the mayor’s gala committee, shared services board meeting council and PTA council.

Councilman Mickey Marcus will serve on the Frazee House Committee, Environmental Commission and Municipal Alliance Committee.

Councilman Bo Vastine  will be a member of the Historical Review Commission and the Raritan Valley Rail Commission while also serving as a liaison to the Board of Education.

Lastly, newly elected councilman, Louis Beckerman will be a liaison to the senior citizen housing corporations and serve on the Scotch Plains-Fanwood shared services sub-committee, planning board and Scotch Plains day committee.

Following the appointments Glover thanked each council member in advance for their participation on the committees, boards and commissions.

Councilman Vastine suggested to Glover that former members of committees, some of which served more than 20 years, should be provided with a more of an official gesture of their service.

Glover agreed and stated that at the reorganization meeting he expressed his thanks to all those who volunteered and served the community for many years.

“I do recognize the value that every volunteer makes to our community,” he stated.

Glover added that he expects the same commitment to wonderful service from the new members that have been chosen to serve on the different township boards and committees.

He said, “I wish all those who have chosen to serve, all the best, all the best, always.”


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