Mayor and Councilwoman Sworn in at Scotch Plains Reorganization Meeting

On Jan. 1, Kevin Glover and Colleen Gialanella were officially sworn in as mayor and councilwoman for the Township of Scotch Plains.

During the 2013 reorganization meeting of Scotch Plains held on Jan. 1, Mayor Kevin Glover and Councilwoman Colleen Gialanella were sworn in to serve the township.

Glover was sworn in by placing one hand on the bible that was held by his wife Joanne. While Gialanella placed her hand on a bible held by her husband Anthony and her two children.

At the meeting, Gialanella was voted on as the Deputy Mayor of Scotch Plains and Glover acknowledged her hard work, dedication and commitment to the community as the two move forward.

Glover discussed Hurricane Sandy at the reorganization meeting and how he plans to get the township funded all it deserves in the wake of the storm.  

Also, on the Fanwood website it states that both Scotch Plains and Fanwood intend on starting AM 530 to make sure residents are provided with updated information, even without power.

“While we can cope with bad news, we can’t cope with no news,” Glover said in a quote on thealternativepress.com.

In addition to a plan to form a joint radio station, Glover acknowledged how Fanwood could be a great resource in working together with the township of Scotch Plains.

Also on Glover’s agenda is a plan to move the Sewer Utility Fee back into the township budget and to improve the Special Improvement District, which aims to revitalize local businesses.

Glover said, in a quote from thealternativepress.com, “I promise to be diligent, I promise to try my very best to live up to your expectations, and to be accessible.” 

How do you feel about the Sewer Utility Fee being moved back into the township budget? Tell us in the comments!



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