UPDATED: Layoff Notices Issued to Galloway Employees, Including Five Police Officers

Township Manager Arch Liston and the unions are still negotiating.

Five Galloway Township Police Officers received layoff notices Friday morning, Nov. 16, according Police Captain Allan Kane. The layoffs take effect Jan. 1.

According to Kane, the layoffs and the proposed restructuring of the department leaves the police force at 48 officers. The department had 74 officers five years ago.

According to Kane, one officer has decided to retire at the end of the year, and four more are eligible to. Retirements could limit the number of layoffs leveled against the department.

Kane was unsure of the financial impact on the township the proposed layoffs would have, as negotiations have been taking place between Police Chief Pat Moran and Township Manager Arch Liston. Moran and Liston were both unavailable on Friday.

Earlier in the day, Mayor Don Purdy stated that nine layoff notices were issued to Public Works employees, equivalent to about a crew and a half.

Attempts to reach Public Works Director Kevin McDowell for comment on Friday were not immediately successful.

An unnamed township employee stated they believed the number of Public Works employees laid off is 10, two part-time tax clerks were laid off, and that all senior center employees were laid off.

Purdy stated the recently-opened senior center would not be closing, however. The former American Legion building on Route 30 was opened as a senior center in June, and that center hosted its first event, a Halloween party, in October.

Purdy reiterated Friday morning that he didn’t support laying off police officers.

“I do not support laying off police officers,” Purdy said. “I do support a restructuring of the department.”

Purdy added that nothing is final, and that negotiations continue between the township and unions representing employees and police officers.

Final layoff notices had been set to go out on Friday, but the employees switched union representation about a month ago. Purdy estimated negotiations would be revisited during the first week of December.

Layoffs were first discussed during the budget process, shortly after Arch Liston took over as Township Manager. Employees have been furloughed for the last two years, and the most recent round of employee furloughs ended last Friday, Aug. 31.

“Our goal is to make things fair and equal for the employees,” Purdy said. “We don’t want to rely on furlough days to operate the budget. Furloughs are just a band aid. That’s not fixing the problem.”

The township is attempting to fill a $1.2 million budget deficit. To cut down on expenses, the township recently closed the Post Office at the municipal complex on Jimmie Leeds Road, and spoke about a restructuring of the police department.

“I’m sure they can come to something where they can keep the numbers they’re at,” Purdy said of the police department. “I’ve not heard a dollar amount for what needs to be cut. Those negotiations are between the manager and the chief. I have full trust in the manager and the chief.”

58yearGresident November 18, 2012 at 05:08 AM
i bet you can say County or Privately run Facility?
Mmkk November 18, 2012 at 05:11 PM
Code enforcement officer retired because that was a position that was going to go. I know my facts. One fact is that these pw guys don't make much money at all and bust their butts. Average salary is between 25 and maybe 40 a year. Before we point fingers, lets remember it isn't the small guys/girls that caused the financial deficit.
Leslie November 18, 2012 at 05:58 PM
Managers..dept. heads..cushy pensions...start there...not the small guys who work hard to service the community..you know the ones that actually work..vs....long lunches feet up on desk types....
58yearGresident November 19, 2012 at 02:37 PM
Your on the right track. Look at the Money wasted on unecessary expensive projects and manpower lost that will be sorely needed and right now, Why Galloway is again laying off - forcing retirement of useful employees while paying $10,000.00 per week for a local contractor to do their work cleaning up storm debris and annual leaf collection. all this while sending our Galloway employees and equipment to Longport to help clean up storm debris to put on a fake public showing of caring for the rich town while Laying Off their own Galloway Employees. Charity would be Helping out the Local Poor Towns , not so much a wealthy Town who obviously has Insurance.
Work hard and fix things November 24, 2012 at 07:00 PM
There are people to blame from top to bottom. Waste is in every aspect and every division. Why are we paying a private company such a high price for brush removal? If I hired that same company to work at my house it would cost far less. And why does that crew need to have a public works truck and employee with them all day? I can understand checking on work done but babysitting supposed professionals should not be needed. I'm not picking on "bottom salaries". These people make a very good wage with benefits and retirement far exceeding the private sector for unskilled and partialy skilled labor. Ask yourself this question - could I afford to hire these workers to work on my yard and if yes, would I be willing to pay twice as much as private companies on private properties. My aswer is no. I'm all for fair wages but if we are paying for top shelf we should be getting it. I also believe that some positions in the township are underpayed.This is unfortunate and in the minority.If you have a job in this economy you should be grateful. Maybe I'm oldschool but any job you have you should work hard, efficiently, and allways try to improve. It seems like from top to bottom there are examples of people in this township that look out for themselves or a select few.


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