PTA Members and Students Thank Board of Ed For Their Hard Work

PTA members and students presented the board with certificates of appreciation.


Members of the Board of Education were honored with Certificates of Appreciation by PTA’s and students at the Jan. 24 Board of Education meeting.

PTA Council President Marci Bowman addressed the board on Board Appreciation Month and offered the board members cookies before each school made their presentation honoring a board member.

“We’re all very appreciative of what you do and your commitment to the students of our district and the hard work you do,“ Bowman said. “Never doubt that what you do does in fact make a difference and we very much appreciate it.”

The first to present was SPFHS PTA President Gina Giacona and her son Justin Giacona who honored board member Douglas Layne.  Justin read aloud the certificate of appreciation presented to Layne.

Next on the list was Daisy Gannon, of the Park Middle School PTA and her son honored Jeanne Clearly of the board for her dedicated service to the school children of the community.

Ellen Geissel, President of the Terrill Middle School PTA, her son Timmy and the Terrill artist BB Collins honored Board president, Trip Whitehouse. Collins created special artwork around the certificate presented to Whitehouse.

Rita Route of Brunner and her children showed their appreciation to vice president of the Board, Nancy Bauer. Brunner student Emma read the certificate and then presented it to Bauer.

As Bowman went through the presentations from the elementary schools, several students came out to present the award from J.A. Coles to Karen Kulikowski, who happened to be wearing the Coles school color, blue.

Michelle Wyrwa of Evergreen along with Emily Wyrwa and Emily Frischa thanked David Gorbunoff and read aloud a personalized message to him stating they hoped that he would like the gift and thanked him for all his hard work.

Next, Jen Power from McGinn and several students invited Warren McFall to the podium where the students then read a poem to thank McFall for all that he does for the community.

“Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Thank your Mr. McFall for all that you do,” they said in unison.

Last up was Kathy Gumpel from School One who presented her certificate to Amy Winkler. The children also gave Winkler School One gifts and the crowd laughed as they found out Winkler was a Coles mom.

As the final presentation, Bowman honored Betty Anne Woerner on behalf of the entire PTA Council and brought up her son Henry Bowman and his friend Griffin Nobel to thank Woerner for her work serving on the board.

“We’ve known each other forever,” Henry Bowman said when his mother announced the boys’ friendship.

Before the PTA members and students headed out, Whitehouse wanted to thank them for celebrating the board members.

“On one of the coldest nights that we’ve had this school year, you’ve certainly warmed our hearts,” Whitehouse said. “We do this for a variety of reasons but mostly for those who are here in the room and your classmates and your neighbors, nights like this do make it worthwhile.”


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