Terrill Middle School Essay Winners Honored at Board of Ed Meeting

Eight students from Terrill Middle School performed extremely well on their essays which were part of a statewide Applied Sciences and Technology competition.

At the Nov. 29 Board of Education meeting, Board President Trip Whitehouse noted that the best occasions are when they have the chance to have children in front of them, which was definitely the case on Nov. 29 where there was barely a seat to be had.

Eight Terrill Middle Schools students were honored for either placing or receiving an honorable mention in the statewide essay contest titled, "Heroes of Technology and Science," organized by the New Jersey Applied Science and Technology Council.

Kevin Holloway, Principal of Terrill Middle School, told the Board and the public that the essays were completely anonymous so when the judges realized there were so many students from Terrill they thought it was rigged, he jokingly said.

Two Terrill students received first place awards including a 300 dollar prize. Isha Kamdar won first for her essay on Nobel Prize Winner Alfred Gilman, the man who discovered G-Proteins. 

Brianna McGowan also took first place for her essay on Dr. Robert Jarvis and his creation of the first permanent artificial heart, she also received a 300 dollar prize.

Taylor Diggs took home second place for her work on Percy Spencer, the inventor of the microwave. Diggs prize was 200 dollars.

Terrill Middle 8th grader Christine Bernard placed in third for an essay on Frederick Banting, who discovered insulin. Bernard wrote in her essay the importance of insulin for people with diabetes. 

Board member David Gorbunoff commented on how impressed he was by the range of heroes students chose, noting it shows the range of learning they are receiving in the classroom.

Danielle Maizes, Joseph Varela, Alexis Marta, Megan Rodriguez and William McGloin all received honorable mentions for their "Heroes of Technology and Science" essays.

Maizes essay focused on Edward Jenner who discovered the Small Pox Vaccine. 

Varela chose to honor the inventor of three-dimensional viewing glasses.

Rodriguez's essay was about Jane Goodall, who is best known for her work with chimpanzees but also a leader in conversation and wellness of animals. 

Eighth grader Alexis Marta chose to write about Alexander Fleming, a bacteriologist who discovered penicillin. 

Lastly, McGloin, also an eighth grader at Terrill, chose Niles Bowlen the inventor of the three point safety belt on automobiles as his hero of technology and science.

The Terrill students were accompanied by parents and families members at the Board meeting and Superintendent Dr. Margaret Hayes thanked the parents for their hard work in addition to the students.

"Without your support it would be a much harder road to go down," she said.

Board member Jeanne Cleary wanted to point out how many females were honored for their essays. She said it is often difficult to get women involved in science and technology and she was happy to see so many of SPF's own females getting interested. 

Whitehouse closed by saying "Just wow," and also commented on the range of areas explored by students, from the microwave to insulin to G-proteins.

The board asked all of the students to stand while everyone clapped and cheered for their accomplishments. 

"I'm very proud of my students," Principal Halloway said. "I couldn't be happier tonight"


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