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Well entrenched on his second stint as a resident of the Garden State, I have worked in the IT field since the days of the Commodore 64.  My first paying gig being in high school consulting on the set-up of the new computer lab and tutoring my very own teachers on their new personal computers.
After graduating the University of Pittsburgh with a degree in Computer Science, I have worked for Fortune 100 firms, Internet Start-Ups and small mom & pop software publishing houses.  Since 2001, I have been a proud Stay At Home Dad to my now 2 boys. I have always been fascinated with technology - rather wanting to disassemble a new gadget than turn it on.  If it's powered by electrons, I'm probably interested in how it works and what makes it tick.  The tech world can be a confusing place for the novice buyer, even the expert one.  My passion is passing along my love of technology to others, educating them on their purchase decisions, use and exploiting their feature sets. You can follow me on Twitter @PittCaleb
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