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I'm the president and founder of Pipeline Communications, a Montclair-based PR firm.  I'm also the mom of two extremely energetic young boys and an aspiring writer. Samples of recent work can be found on www.robinhoffmanblog.com
Growing up as a half-Jewish, half-Catholic girl in a predominantly Catholic neighborhood in suburban Philadelphia had a deep affect on my view of the world. Ours was the only family on our very long street without Christmas lights or a tree. Our family often went out to dinner in downtown Philadelphia, took cross-country car trips, ate fish and other slightly “exotic” meals for dinner, had a mom who worked full time in the 1970’s, and included just three kids when most families on the block had five or more children. Different was a word I grew to love, and it fueled my creativity. The word “weird” had the opposite effect. It was a word that could make me feel alone  in a sea of people. 
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